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summer pd Summer Professional Development Series

Aggie STEM 

  El Centro         

El Paso 
(Details & Registration)

     Ingenuity Center 
    (Details & Registration)


Texas Tech
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Transformation 2013
(Details & Registration)

Dallas Area STEM Summer Workshop
June 8-9

PBL for Experienced Teachers
May 4

Intro to Robotics
May 12

Region One TI Conference
May 13-14

High School 4X4 Engineering Course Design
May 26

PBL Sinton T-STEM Academy June 1-3

TEEN Robotics STEM/TMAC Camp
June 7-11

Engineering is Elementary K-2
June 7-10

Science and Math Language Acquisition
June 14-15

TEEN Robotics STEM/TMAC Camp
June 21-25

Engineering is Elementary Grades 3-4
June 21-24

STEM Teachers Engineering Camp
June 21-24

STEM Integration
June 22

TEEN Robotics Camp
June 23

Robotics Grade 6 STEM/TMAC Camp
June 28-July1

Engineering is Elementary Grade 5
June 28-July 1

Robotics Grade 7 STEM/TMAC Camp
July 19-22

Region One/UTPA Middle School Summer Camp
July 26-30

Robotics Grade 8 STEM/TMAC Camp

TI-nspire Summer Workshop
August 2-4

August 8-9

STEM Elementary Robotics Camp
August 9-12

STEM TEEN Robotics Camp
August 9-12


Developing Proficiency in Teaching Middle School Science As It Relates to STEM Education
July 20-22

Developing Proficiency in Teaching Physics
As It Relates to STEM Education
July 20-22

Developing Proficiency in Teaching 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics
As It Relates to STEM Education
July 20-22 

Developing Proficiency in Teaching Algebra I
As It Relates to STEM Education
July 20-22

PBL Design Institute
May 17-18              
Engineering is Elementary
May 18

Biology-Science Probeware Training
May 19

Chemistry-Science Probeware Training
May 20

Physics-Science Probeware Training
May 26

STEM Teacher Summit
June 8-10

Texas Project Lead the Way ST1
June 21-July 3

Intro to Engineering the Future
July 1

Texas Lead the Way ST2
July 19-31
BioTech for the 21st Century
June (4 days)

Rice Engineering Design Workshop

Introduction to Robotics (Lego® Mindstorms™ NXT)
June 14 – 18 - Junction

Keep It Clean and Green (Environmental Engineering)
June 21 – 25 - Lubbock

Space, Science and Engineering
June 21 – 25 - Lubbock

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Engineering Design: FRAME© a Bigger Picture
June 28 – July 2 - Junction

Applied Robotics: The NXT Step
July 5 – 9 - Junction

Forensic Analysis: Explore the Health and History of King Tut (DNA biotechnology and data analysis)
July 26 – 30 - Lubbock

The Engineering Method and the Practices of Engineering
July 26 – 29 and August 2 – 5 - Lubbock

Using Digital Resources for Instruction and Assessment in the Science Classroom
August 2 – 6  - Lubbock

Building Math (Middle School)
February 17-18, 2010

It's a Small World: Nanotechnology Institute

June 9-12

Bio-Medical Career Institute
July 12-14

Engineering the Future
July 18-20

LabView 101
August 2-6

PBL Summer Institute
August 9-13 

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